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Lakes, mountains, history and art, this is Lombardy. Just a few kilometres from the city, rows of citrus and olives trees stand on the banks of the lakes, set against the alpine landscapes whose reflection can be seen on the water - Lake Garda, for example, is emblematic in this sense, with its blossoming shoreline and its famous cedars, villas and artistic treasures.

The nature is dotted by inhabited centres that tell the story of art in this area, and here you can also taste the produce of the culinary and wine tradition. Nature parks, archaeological parks and pristine valleys offer a great place to take a stroll, ski or relax. It is still possible to chance upon antique villages whose vestiges, such as castles, churches, abbeys and rural settlements, remind us of a past rich with significance.

It is also possible to find hills carpeted with vineyards, where for centuries the art of wine cultivation has been passed down. Last but not least, the city has an extraordinary beauty and artistic richness, along with customs and traditions, all waiting to be discovered.

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